Status of solar modules

      In recent years, the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry , has formed a cover polysilicon materials , ingots , crystal pulling , cells, encapsulation , balance components, systems integration , photovoltaic application products and special equipment manufacturing more complete industrial chain, including photovoltaic cells production scale ranks first in the world .

      "But China's PV industry standardization work with the international advanced level and the development of domestic industries and market demand than there is a considerable gap . Present, China has officially introduced national standards have been dozens of PV , but the whole industry standards is still missing more than 80% of a large domestic power company official said , the lack of standards to some extent affected our PV products in the international competitiveness.

        China Science and Technology for Development Associate Wei Dong Yuan said that as China's photovoltaic industry is no uniform national , industry standards and testing organizations , foreign photovoltaic products enter the Chinese market , without the detection of any institution , tariffs are virtually zero ; while China PV products to enter the European and American markets , have to undergo rigorous testing, and obtain certification before entering .

        Zhejiang Shen Fuxin Solar Energy Industry Association, said the international PV market, the number of big foreign companies are not many , but the strength is very strong , large enough to develop international standards . " The current situation is constantly setting standards abroad , we followed ran in the international standards , we have no voice , always according to foreign standards , will always be dragged by them , there is no autonomy.

       In the domestic market is crucial for starting the field of photovoltaic power generation , lack of standards is a major obstacle to their further advance . National Grid Energy Research Institute Jiang Liping believes that now there are some national standards for photovoltaic solar power on a standard , but the problem is that many standards are not mandatory , but recommended standards. Especially critical grid standards only three , far failed to meet solar photovoltaic grid technical specifications .

     " Grid-connected PV introduction of new standards , will make photovoltaic industry chain in all aspects of a more normative , binding the above photovoltaic power generation companies that will not reach the standard , endangering market enterprises excluded, can effectively prevent the industry chaos Bureau , to improve the overall level of PV to protect the safe operation of the grid .