Domestic PV market is fully icebreaking 300 billion market waiting Fengeng

        PV sector rallied commotion behind the industry has been high hopes for the domestic PV market ushered in a series of substantive positive - first notify the National Energy Board , the previously proposed photovoltaic distributed generation "five" and then raised the target size half , but in conjunction with the various stakeholders to discuss specific subsidy policies ; grid sector for the first time after " relent ," will support the photovoltaic and substantive support to give businesses online . These are interpreted as positive hit to start large-scale photovoltaic vital domestic market , can frequently lately overseas market, " double reverse " ban the domestic photovoltaic enterprises in the domestic market to find a lifeline .
        In accordance with the relevant plan, "Twelve Five " period domestic PV market size of up to 300 billion yuan investment over this huge market cake has attracted many companies salivate , have struggled from a slice . Market analysts believe that with the accelerated expansion of the domestic PV market , including power plant development, construction and distribution grid inverters and other segments of the first to usher in investment opportunities.
Ice in progress
        Recently, China and Europe have picked up "anti-dumping , countervailing " sticks , long-term " two " ( dependent on imports of raw materials , finished expect exports ) army had outstanding PV industry will face more than 90 per cent share of the market fall . In this context , the industry currently accounts for only 5% of the general wish of the domestic market share of large-scale timely start , otherwise , in accordance with the industry pessimistic expected domestic cultivated nearly two years finally emerging photovoltaic industry will be strangled in their infancy .
       China PV industry is facing the dilemma alarmed senior government decision-making . The policy of " ChongFengHao " has been sounded , a save the domestic photovoltaic industry in distress campaign has kicked off.
The end of September , the National Energy Board released nationwide distributed generation photovoltaic demonstration zone declaration notice. This notification has been the industry interpreted as domestic PV market launch massive programmatic document . In the notice , Photovoltaic Energy Board explicitly "Twelve Five" installed capacity target figures based on the combined code in the previous half .
      Meanwhile, relevant departments also in the process of project approval , price subsidies and other related support policies , particularly in the photovoltaic power plant land use , to give tax relief incentives, and accelerate finance renewable energy tariff subsidies. Subsidies in the tariff will change the past, " according to the amount of subsidies for installing front + unified tariff ," the idea for replacing rear of electricity generating capacity by way of subsidies .
It is worth mentioning that there is news that the national grid is also developing relevant guidance , given the previously vested in the jurisdiction of the national grid and upgrade the grid and grid approval authority to the municipal .
Analysis of the industry generally believe that a series of previous trends are harbingers of faltering domestic PV market is about to move fully into the ice-breaking trip , previously has been heavily criticized as vague national policy to guide the development of photovoltaic power generation has become clear thinking .
      The power sector for the first time , " let go " , also means that the largest domestic photovoltaic power generation is expected to open up the bottleneck factor . "Even if the approval authority is decentralized and network , simplifying approval procedures this point that companies can actively join the PV power plant developers tremendous boost ." Solar Energy Research Institute, Beijing Jiaotong University, Xu Zheng pointed out that a grid permits after a series of hands, will be able to sell in the millions , which is now actively engaged photovoltaic power plant construction of many developers most troublesome thing . It is understood that if the grid smoothly , investment and construction of photovoltaic power plants in the West is not only almost no subsidies , and there are many investment income rate of 10 % or more.
      According to the forthcoming " distributed generation management approach" , distributed power generation unit of electricity subsidies limit will be determined through competition , subsidies starting point for the power user sales price actually paid . SW analysts believe that , given the policy clearly distributed generation will be in the city industrial park, focusing on promotion of large industrial enterprises , and the price is close to industrial and commercial photovoltaic electricity prices , the economics of PV will thus gradually emerging, commercial and industrial electricity price is about parity coming.