2013 China PV industry outlook

This year's domestic and foreign markets shows that Chinese PV industry is currently suffering from Europe and the United States "double reverse" serious excess capacity and the domestic double test. People can not help but worry that China 's PV industry also has a spring?
Only excess capacity, the industry can not look bad
China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance provides data show that the current global solar PV production capacity greater than 1.5 to 2 times the actual demand .
China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance Secretary Wang Bo told reporters that 2011 statistics the number of 262 PV companies , 2012 has been reduced to 112 . "This means that more than half of the enterprises out of the photovoltaic industry , even so, in 2012 our country into a PV module production capacity of 45 million kilowatts , is 700 per cent in 2009 ."
Analysts believe that bankruptcy is the Chinese Suntech PV industry 's most weathervane effect signal means that the government is no longer unlimited for photovoltaic enterprises transfusion , but decided to let the market survival of the fittest , the Chinese PV industry into reshuffle period .
Jiangsu, a photovoltaic company official said , as a clean energy , photovoltaic industry still has a bright future , for three reasons : First, the declining cost of solar power , while the cost of fossil fuels rising ; Second, from the perspective of sustainable , depletion of fossil fuels continues ; Third, environmental Forced . As a major manufacturer of haze , thermal power plant future will certainly be subject to restrictions.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology , " Technology Review " magazine, China PV integration is not necessarily a bad thing. "Only more business failures, production oversupply, prices plummeted to ease the situation of the enterprises to buy more equipment and put new technologies in the long term solar energy to fossil fuels with a higher low ."
Experts have pointed out that the current view, China's PV industry has entered a shuffle cycle. From historical experience, at the appropriate time for the development of related industries shuffle will not necessarily be brought drag, but will make the relevant industries to win a broader space for development.
Filling installation, grid parity , China can achieve
National Energy Board New Energy and Renewable Energy Secretary Wang Jun told reporters, distributed rooftop solar power station in Germany, for example , has now easy to "Guidance installation " stage , residents need to fill out an application for planning department table , the bank will fieldwork roof area , lighting conditions , etc., in order to determine loan . Subsequently, the installation company will install rooftop solar power station site .
In January this year , Changzhou High-tech Zone , Guangdong Industrial Park 1570 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation projects and power generation, which is the state and the introduction of small-scale photovoltaic power plants free network policy Jiangsu first formal and network projects .
"Due to the higher cost of power generation , photovoltaic industry is still in the ' boot support period ', we need the sharing of costs : First, relying on government subsidies , the second is a bank or insurance company 's long-term involvement of three photovoltaic enterprise's own progress. " China photovoltaic Industry Alliance Secretariat Wang Shijiang says.
Currently , Germany, Australia , Brazil and some U.S. states , such as California , have been realized or close to " grid parity ", ie cost of solar power and conventional power generation costs are comparable.
" The development of photovoltaic industry is ' to expand the market ' and ' cost ' while advancing the process ." Said Wang Bo , help domestic photovoltaic enterprises out of the " double reverse " suppressing shadows , one must rely on market forces to eliminate backward production capacity , so that there is competition force businesses to survive ; hand to establish the relevant compensation mechanism , decentralized photovoltaic products higher costs , so that the domestic consumer market can afford this product.
Start "PV countryside" , expanding domestic demand in action
It is understood that the Ministry is leading organizations to develop a theme of "PV to the countryside " program, designed to promote large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation into the rural market , take the future urbanization of the " ride ."
Although the industry is the market for photovoltaic rural affordability there are still many doubts , but according to solar energy expert Han Qiming analysis, in accordance with domestic energy companies such as the experience of a rural area of ​​half an acre of greenhouses , and put on a few kilowatts total investment in photovoltaic power generation system must reach 120,000 to 130,000 yuan , finance can be from 30,000 to 40,000 yuan subsidy , farmers invested 20,000 to 30,000 yuan , the rest rely on bank loans , which are still available for developers affordable range .